Course Description:
Practice using English for communication in various situations: introduction, shopping, ordering food, making telephone call and general daily-life conversations. An emphasis will be placed on accuracy, fluency, appropriateness and natural usage of English language.

Terminal Objectives :
          This course is designed as follows:
           1.To encourage students to improve their communicative English skills.
          2.To fulfill a course, which students will be able to converse in various situations orally. 
          3.To enhance students, by employing integrated English skills, to apply their knowledge gained from class to their real-life situations.

Contents :

           Most of the contents will be based upon the current text chosen in each semester, within the contemporary social situations. 

Requirements :
          1. Students must attend every class, participate in activities arranged, and contribute to peers, group work and whole class assignments.
          2. Students are expected to give a short presentation on a topic based upon their interest.
          3. Students are given both oral and written tests on the topicfs they have studied throughout the semester.

โครงสร้างรายวิชา ภาษาอังกฤษ ม.1.pdfโครงสร้างรายวิชา ภาษาอังกฤษ ม.1.pdf